Bed And Breakfast a Gravere, Valle di Susa


We’ll be your hosts

The staff of the Bed & Breakfast


I feel like a volcano full of energy and creativity and over the years I’ve developed a passion for extreme sports and making all sorts of delicious things to eat. After years working in tourist industry, I’ve succeeded in making my biggest dream come true: setting up a guesthouse where I can put my talents as a stewardess to the test every day.


After working as a military and test pilot, I moved into the world of commercial aviation as lead pilot for Alitalia on intercontinental long-haul flights, ending my career with 18 years captaining 747′s. I still have my professional licenses and fly as an instructor and on private jets. My role at the guesthouse is to accompany guests, by request, on walking or horse riding excursions, taking them out on pleasure flights or paragliding.

Scotty & Anaïs

Our friends Scotty and Anaïs are Golden Retrievers with a delightful nature: two reliable and happy playmates for adults and children and alike, who liven up the atmosphere of the house. They offer the perfect opportunity to make friends with animals whose affection and gentleness will make them hard to forget.